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Personal Training Edmonton

Edmonton Personal Training with  Micaela

Optimize Your Results with a Personal Trainer

While signing up for a gym membership may be the first step on your wellness journey, hiring a certified and experienced personal trainer should be your second step.


Working with a fitness professional ensures that you will be maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of your training sessions, ensures your safety, and can help make you feel more comfortable in the often-uncomfortable gym setting.


For optimal results, I see my clients between 2-3 sessions per week, and as a Certified Nutrition Coach, I will also offer you suggestions for how to modify your diet to match your goals which is crucial towards your success.


I also offer 3 different meal plan guides with easy-to-make, healthy, and delicious recipes.

* Personalized Nutrition Plans are Not Included in the cost of training. Please Inquire for Rates.

Training With Micaela

60 Minute


Qualified & Experienced Fitness Expert

Meal Plans & Recipes






Micaela Whitworth Canadian Trainer-Edmon
Micaela Whitworth Beach Yoga


Personal Training: Monday-Friday at Westmount Fitness 8:00 AM- 11:00 / 3:00 PM- 6:00 PM - Near Capacity

Zoom Training Availability: Monday--Friday 8:00 AM- 11:00 / 3:00 PM- 6:00 PM - Near Capacity

Personal Training Packages & Rates

Virtual Online Personal Training 

$85-95 Per Session + GST

Learn how to exercise from the comfort of your own home and let me come to you! Whether you have a home gym or condo gym, or just want to learn how to exercise by using your body weight, or with minimal equipment, I am here to help you maximize your results. You'll receive regular weekly sessions, a personalized program, nutritional guidance, motivation, accountability & support. Whether you are a beginner or at an advanced fitness level I have the perfect in-home training program for you. 

Gym (DT Edmonton)

Starting at $85-95 Per Session + GST

I now offer training at Evolve DT and at Westmount Fitness.  Training with full equipment can really broaden the diversity of your training sessions and can help maximize your results. Learn how to utilize free-weights, squat racks, and all of the strength equipment that you've always wanted to try in a safe & friendly, non-threatening gym environment. Regular weekly sessions, a personalized training program, and nutritional guidance are all included.

Semi-Private (Edmonton)

$85-95 Per Session + GST

Training with a friend or a partner can increase motivation and accountability. Not only can it be more fun to train with a friend, but it's also a more economical approach, making training more affordable. Bring a friend with you for no extra cost. You'll receive weekly semi-private sessions, a training program fit for two, and you'll each receive nutritional guidance specific to your individual needs. It's recommended that you have a similar level of fitness, however, it's not required. 

Outdoor (Glenora)

$85-95 Per Session + GST

Between the months of June-September (weather depending) I'm more than happy to take our training sessions outdoors. We can train in the park, the track, or even your backyard. Sessions will be more specific to bodyweight and endurance exercises, and I'll provide portable training equipment: bands, dumbbells, TRX, etc. Regular weekly sessions, a personalized outdoor fitness program, and nutritional guidance are all included. For boot camp classes click here.

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Results & Benefits of Personal Training

Exercising with a fitness trainer can provide a wide number of benefits:

1. You'll see results faster. I will make sure that we make each and every minute of our sessions count. I'll push you to do things that you wouldn't typically be able to push yourself to do and I will choose the best exercises and programs to ensure we maximize your results.


3. Injury Avoidance & Management. I am a trained and certified Medical Exercise Specialist. I can develop safe and effective exercise programs for clients with cardiovascular, neurological, metabolic and musculoskeletal disorders. Not only will I ensure that you are performing your exercises safely and correctly, but I can work within the parameters of any medical issue that you have. Whether you have bad knees or a bad back, have had a hip replacement, or suffer from sciatic pain, asthma, or diabetes - I can ensure you that you are in the best of hands.


2. Fat Loss & Lean Muscle Gain. I will make sure that we maintain a constant balance between losing body fat, and gaining lean muscle tissue so that we can sculpt & define your body. Often people think that the best way to "tone" the body is to do a lot of cardio and use light weights. This is the exact opposite of what to do. I have the knowledge, experience, and skillset to ensure we get you the results you are looking for. All nutritional guidance is included which is the key to unveiling the work you have achieved at the gym.


How Quickly Will I See Results?

Great question. What results are you expecting? How much effort are you putting into your sessions? How diligent have you been with your diet? A large part of my job is not only creating the programs, and pushing you through them, but it's also helping people set goals with realistic expectations within a realistic timeframe. Most people are hoping to see visual changes to their physique (weight-loss & muscle definition), as well as increased levels of strength. I can confidently say that if you are diligently following your prescribed diet and exercise program, you should begin to see results within as little as 4 weeks. For the best visual results, give yourself at least 12-weeks. Novice trainees tend to see the quickest and most noticeable results within their first 6 months of training. 


Richelle, Ontario

Mica understands that fitness should be part of your balanced life so you can meet your fitness goals while still enjoying other aspects of life. Regardless of what your fitness goals are, Mica just wants you to enjoy workouts, life, and your body! 


Sandra, Montreal

Micaela is a fantastic high-level trainer who is able to custom fit every training session to her clients. I have trained with the best and she's right up there. You're fortunate if you have her help to reach your goals!


Cherie & Conor, Ontraio

Micaela has helped us reach our goals 100% and more!! She is incredibly motivating, makes super awesome/fun (and HARD!) workouts and is so so so knowledgeable about exercise & nutrition.

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