Semi-Private Training

Train with a Friend for No Extra Cost!

Semi-Private Training

Training with a friend or a partner can increase motivation and accountability. Not only can it be more fun to train with a friend, but it's also a more economical approach, making personal training more affordable. Bring a friend with you for no extra cost for in-home or outdoor training. You'll receive weekly semi-private sessions, a personal training program fit for two, and you'll each receive nutritional guidance specific to your individual needs. It's recommended that you have a similar level of fitness, however, it's not required. For groups of 3 or more please see Private Group Training.

Train with a friend for no extra cost. Receive a 2 for 1 discount. Program design, nutritional guidance, and weekly 60 minute sessions are included. 

40-65 Per Person - This is variable based on the location of training. See Persona Training Rates.

Benefits of Semi-Private Training

Training with a friend is one of the BEST ways you can stay accountable to your workouts. When you're committed to a training appointment with another person, you will be less likely to skip the appointment as you won't want to let the other person down. Training with someone else can also make exercise feel more like a fun social event, and it can help push you further with your workouts by having someone else to cheer you on. Having a friendly little competition with a friend never hurts for motivation either.  About 50% of my regular clientele train with either a spouse, a family member, or a friend. Since I don't charge any extra for a second person, it also makes training more affordable, making frequent sessions more accessible which can lead to greater results.

Where to Train

I offer semi-private training for in-home training, private studio training, our outdoors. Whatever location is most convenient for you and your fitness buddy! 

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