Zoom Personal Training

Personal Training Online Via Zoom or Facetime

Online Zoom or Facetime Training

Often times we're great at knowing what to do, but motivation can be hard to come by. As your trainer, it's my job to help you create better goals and to help you stay motivated. Meeting will be via facetime or zoom so that you can train from home. 

Zoom training includes a phone consultation, + personal training sessions via zoom or facetime.

1-10 Session Package x 80/hr
First Time Client 25% Discount on your first 10 Session Package. *Space is subject to availability 
* Personalized Nutrition Plans are Not Included in the cost of training. Personalized Eating Plans start at $150

Benefits of Online Facetime Personal Training

One of the reasons that personal training works so well is that having a weekly session booked in your appointment book forces you to show up and do the work. When you're left to your own accord, however, we can easily find excuses to get out of exercising and with no one to be accountable too, it's a slippery slope towards exercise inconsistency.  Without consistency, it can be hard for you to reach your goals. Having someone to check-in with each week is an easy way to stay on track.

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