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Virtual Personal Training & Zoom Fitness Classes

Virtual Personal Training & Zoom Fitness Classes

Train 1-on-1 With Micaela from Anywhere in the World 

Often times we're great at knowing what to do, but motivation can be hard to come by. As your virtual personal trainer, it's my job to help you create better goals and to help you stay motivated. Meetings will be via facetime or zoom so that you can train from the convince of your own home. 

Micaela Fitness Zoom Fitness Classes (Vi
1-4 Sessions Per Month x 95/hr + GST
*Bring a Friend for $15 Extra
8-12 Sessions Per Month x 85/hr + GST
*Bring a Friend For FREE
$20/session + GST

* Boot Camp Style Training - Circuit Training, Tabata, Pump, AMRAP & HIIT. No Equipment Needed. 

As a client of Micaela Fitness, you'll receive:

  • 20-min phone consultation

  • Creation of ongoing workout programs (Click for example)

  • Studio rental, and drop-in fee (if applicable)

  • Access and maintenance of your digital programs

  • Nutritional blueprint included

  • 50+ on-demand video workouts included

  • Meal plan and recipe e-books included

  • 2 for 1 Bring a Friend Add-on Promo

  • 60-day digital program retention**

  • Email and text support

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What is Virtual Personal Training

Virtual personal training allows you to be able to exercise with a trainer from anywhere in the world by using a digital platform such as zoom as your meeting place. 

You can train from home, at work, at the gym, outside, or even in your garage - the location is up to you and you get to bring your trainer with you. 

You'll receive all of the same benefits you would receive from seeing a fitness coach in person, such as accountability, and motivation, and since your coach can see you live, they will be able to ensure that you are performing your exercises with the best form and technique which is the key for safety. 

Whatever your age, goals, or fitness level, online fitness coaching can be a great option for anyone!

Benefits of Virtual Personal Training

One of the reasons that personal training works so well is that having a weekly session booked in your appointment book forces you to show up and do the work. Accountability is one of the number 1 reasons to hire a personal trainer.


When you're left to your own accord, it's easy to find excuses to get out of exercising, and with no one to be accountable to, it's a slippery slope towards exercise inconsistency.  Without consistency, it can be hard for you to reach your goals. Having someone to check in with each week is an easy way to stay on track.

Virtual Personal Training is also much more efficient when it comes to your time. No need to drive to the gym, find parking, get changed, etc. Just make your way home after work, train from home, and be in your kitchen earlier than usual to help get you to your dinner quicker!

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