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Online Training

Zoom or Phone Consultation 

Before I can create you a customized online training program, we'll jump on a quick call to discuss your goals, health, nutrition, and exercise history. It's here that together we'll develop our initial plan of action for you. 

Cost: $85
Complementary 1st Time Only

Need new workout ideas to help alleviate exercise boredom? Is personal training unaffordable to you? Join my online fitness program. You'll receive access to over 400 mobile-optimized workouts, 15 unique 12-week programs, meal plan guides & recipes.

Monthy = $42/mo + tax
Annual = $25/mo + tax

*You CANNOT get better value!

Often times we're great at knowing what to do, but motivation can be hard to come by. As your trainer, it's my job to help you create better goals and to help you stay motivated with weekly PT sessions. Train from the comfort of your own home.

If you're experienced at the gym and just need someone to create a customized workout program for you, I am able to create high-quality detailed programs delivered right to your inbox. Nutrition plans are not included. Please Inquire for Rates.

1 Month Program = $150 + GST

*Space is subject to availability 

Ready to get fit but you don't have the finances to hire a professional? I have over 50 hours of streamingonline workout videos that you can follow from home to help get you started on your fitness journey.

$85-95/Hr + GST

*Space is subject to availability 
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