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Online Program Design

Online Fitness Program Design

Online Program Design

If you're experienced at the gym and just need someone to create a customized workout program for you, I am able to create high-quality detailed programs delivered right to your inbox. 

Online fitness program design includes a phone or zoom consultation,  custom nutritional guidance, and professional, personalized program design delivered virtually, specific to your goals, and access to on-demand workouts, for 6-8 weeks


Price: Starting at $150+tax** Billed at the end of each month


No Commitment


  • 20-min phone consultation

  • Custom digital 6-8 week workout program

  • Nutritional blueprint included

  • 50+ on-demand video workouts included

  • Meal plan and recipe e-books included

  • 60-day digital program retention**

  • For monthly programs that require 4 or more

   individual workouts, there's a $25 digital upload

   fee for each additional workout.

  • Correspondence & Check Ins via email

* Option to add on a virtual or in-person session for reviewing your exercises and ensuring proper form and technique. $95+tax per review session. Additional coaching calls are $45+tax 

*Space is subject to availability 
* Personalized Nutrition Plans are Not Included in the cost of training. Personalized Eating Plans start at $250 + GST
Self-Guided Digital Fitness Programs
Don't need anything personal? Learn More about my online fitness program. 300+ Workouts!
Or - Looking for facetime personal training? It's the same price as training with me in person!
Online Personal Training Program
Athletic Woman Who Exercises

Benefits of Online Training

Online training is the best and most economical way to have a professionally designed personalized fitness program. Each month you'll receive your new program and I will check in with your weekly to see how you're doing, making tweaks and offering expert advice along the way. If you're unsure of what the exercises are, I have the tools to be able to provide video exercise instruction if needed & can mobile-optimize your workouts if necessary. 

Equipment Needed

Depending on your goals, I may suggest that you purchase some basic portable gym equipment to create a small home gym space, or I suggest that you get a gym membership. This will all be discussed with you during your initial consultation. 

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