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Client Testimonials


Michelle, Ontario

 I trained with Micaela once/week for 12 weeks to shake up my workouts. If you’re looking for a trainer who cares about you and your fitness/nutrition goals, you’ve found the right person.


Cortney, Ontario

Rather than being daunted by my limitations, Micaela enjoyed the challenge of modifying my workouts to things I would be able to do and that would speed my recovery and keep my progress moving forward. 


Emma, Alberta

I can honestly say that working out with Mica has changed not only my body but my mindset towards health and wellness. Mica’s workouts are tough, but fun and easily adaptable to my schedule. 


Richelle, Ontario

Mica understands that fitness should be part of your balanced life so you can meet your fitness goals while still enjoying other aspects of life. Regardless of what your fitness goals are, Mica just wants you to enjoy workouts, life, and your body! 


Sandra, Montreal

Micaela is a fantastic high-level trainer who is able to custom fit every training session to her clients. I have trained with the best and she's right up there. You're fortunate if you have her help to reach your goals!


Cherie & Conor, Ontraio

Micaela has helped us reach our goals 100% and more!! She is incredibly motivating, makes super awesome/fun (and HARD!) workouts and is so so so knowledgeable about exercise & nutrition.


Gale, Ontario

Micaela is an exceptional personal trainer. She recognizes your capabilities better than you. She kept me motivated, encouraging me to try weights/routines that I would have thought to difficult to do. I highly recommend her as a trainer. 


Micaela, Alberta

We all slip up sometimes, including ME the trainer. Falling off the wagon is bound to happen - That's normal, expect that. When you're ready to get back on, just give me 12 weeks and we'll get you back to where you were and then some!


Jessica, Montreal

Thanks to Mica I developed a joy of working out, and I was able to accomplish something that I was never able to accomplish before: making exercise a regular part of my life/discovering the true meaning of Beastmode!


Kate, Ontario

Micaela sets the perfect example of what healthy, realistic fitness and nutrition should look like. She uses authentic methods of getting in shape and her positive approach to working out is truly inspirational. 


Jemma & Simon, Montreal

A humongous THANK YOU for all of your hardcore training, 7 am door knocks, pep talks & laughs! It was so much fun training with you and achieving our wedding day bodies!


Olivia, Montreal

Micaela is a wonderfully positive, energic and motivated trainer. She's extremely knowledgeable and is always up to date with training & dietary methodologies. She's an outstanding trainer!

Val, Montreal

In the year that I trained with Mica, she not only taught me how to take care of my own body but also how to live doing it. She targeted advice, and professionalism made her the best trainer ever!


Jacob, Ontario

I absolutely love Love Your Bod.  The workouts are well-designed, the videos of each exercise are clear, and there are always substitute exercises if you are missing a piece of equipment.

Micaela Fitness Testimonial Laurie

Laurie, Montreal

Micaela is a wealth of information and a ray of sunshine. She's very easy to talk to, down to earth and has the first-hand experience in achieving difficult personal fitness goals. 

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