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Outdoor Fitness Boot Camps 

North Glenora, Inglewood, Westmount & Glenora

Edmonton Fitness Bootcamp

Between April - September I will run periodic outdoor Boot camp classes in North Glenora, Inglewood, Westmount & Glenora. Meal plans are included. 5 person minimum required. All fitness levels welcome.


Boot camp classes include circuit training, calisthenics, HITT, Tabata, & More!

Adults only - age 16+

BEGINS JULY 6th, 2020
Monday & Wednesdays at 5:30 PM
July 6th-29th 
BEGINS JUNE 30th, 2020
Tuesdays & Thursdays at 5:30 PM
June 30th - July 30th
BEGINS JULY 6th, 2020
Monday & Wednesday at 6:30 AM
July 6th-29th 

* If you can only come to class 1x a week that's okay. You can register for just one class time too! I highly recommend twice a week if possible however for best results. 

Meal plan guides are included. 

Typically I charge between $6-12 per person per class - the larger the group then the price will go down per person. 


5 people = $12 pp for each session

6-10 people  = $10 pp for each session

11-15 people = $8 pp for each session

16-20 people = $6 pp for each session 

Boot Camp Training Area Map

I currently offer boot camp training at North Glenora Park,  Inglewood Elementry, & Westmount Park

Benefits of Boot Camp Training

Often times it can be difficult to find other people to exercise with. Boot camps provide a positive outdoor fitness experience where you get to exercise with other people who share the same common goals. Working out with other people is highly motivational, and is also a great way to have fun and meet new likeminded people. You'll learn the ability to run and you'll be able to use your own body weight at any time to get a workout in. No need for an expensive gym membership, exercising outdoors requires no such thing!

Equipment Needed

I ask that all Boot camp trainees bring a yoga mat. If you happen to have a loop band and a pair of dumbbells - be sure to bring them too. We'll mostly use bodyweight exercises and the tools in our surrounding environment to get your workouts in. 



I require a minimum of 5 registrations before a class can begin. Please enter your information below if you are interested in fitness classes held at North Glenora Park, Inglewood, or Westmount. I will contact you ASAP to confirm your registration.

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Have training Questions? Want to register for a boot camp class? Drop me a line at any time!

Edmonton, Alberta

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