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6 Signs You Need A Personal Trainer

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

6 Signs That Indicate That You Need the Help of a Personal Trainer

Have you stopped getting results from your diet & exercise program? Talk about FRUSTRATING! To be putting in so much effort and to not reaping any reward will absolutely leave you feeling the workout blues. Over time this will lower your motivation, for many people to the point where they just give up on exercise entirely. If this sounds like you, it may be time for a fitness intervention - time to hire a personal trainer!

Here are 6 Signs That You Need A Fitness Professionals Help

1. You've Hit a Plateau

2. You Workouts Are Boring

3. Your Workouts Are Inconsistent

4. You Keep Getting Injured

5. You're Not Getting Results

6. You're Intimidated by The Gym

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”

1. You have hit a plateau

Whether your goal is to lose weight or build strength, you may feel as if you have hit a wall. You can't seem to lose any more weight, or you can't seem to increase the weights, or reps on your exercises anymore. This is what's called a "plateau" and where a fitness trainers' knowledge and expertise can come in handy. There are tried and true ways to help you break free of these frustrating plateaus. For weight loss, you may need to go on a Reverse Diet. For strength gains, you may need to change your tempo, increase your sets, change your rep scheme, or employ more advanced weight lifting techniques such as drop sets, or pyramids. Don't lose hope and give up on exercise - you CAN get through a plateau!

Advanced Training Techniques

2. Your workouts are boring

When you first joined the gym everything was brand new to you and you were feeling super keen. Now, after several months you're finding that your motivation has been tanking and you seem to have lost that momentum and excitement that you initially had. If you've been following the same program for over 8 weeks, you are long overdue my friend to spice things up. While you may not want to have a someone following you around for each and every workout session, you can hire someone to design a new fresh personalized program for you that can provide you with the challenge of learning new skills again. Learning a new skill is one of the secret keys of motivation. For myself, I usually meet someone for a consultation, draw up their program, and we go over the workout at their initial PT session. Depending on the skill level of the trainee, we may just leave it at that and don't meet again until they are ready for their next program update in about 4-6 weeks. For newer trainees, I may suggest that we go over the program at a few more sessions to ensure that they are able to nail their form and technique, and so that they can ask me any questions they may have.

Spice Up Your Workout

3. Your workouts are inconsistent

Making excuses to skip the gym is what we all do best. "I'll start on Monday" is a phrase that we all know too well, yet an entire week seems to blow on by and we still have yet to make it to the gym. Hiring a fitness coach is an easy way to build exercise into your life as a habit. Having weekly training sessions booked into your schedule is the ultimate way to stay accountable. While you may not train with someone weekly forever, booking in weekly sessions for at least 30 days will help build exercise as a habit again.

Workout Agenda

4. You keep getting injured

Injury prevention, avoidance, and management are hard things to manage on your own at the gym especially if you are getting into more advanced training techniques, or if you're exercising at a high intensity. Having a pair of trained eyes on you while you are exercising can increase the safety of your workouts and will ensure that you have the best form & technique.

Workout Injuries

5. You're not getting the results you want

Nothing is more frustrating than putting in the time and effort at the gym but feeling as if you are seeing results. Many things could be happening here, and a fitness trainer will be able to assess what's going wrong and put you back on the right track. It could be that there are better ways of assessing your results, a better training program for you, a better way of setting expectations, or ways you could improve your diet.

Exercise Results

6. You're Intimidated By The Gym

Lastly, if you're new to fitness, the gym can be an uncomfortable experience for many people. Having a friendly and helpful trainer can truly help eliminate your fear of the gym.

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