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Online Fitness Training

The LYB Program, Virtual Personal Training, Zoom Fitness Classes & On-Demand Workouts


The Love Your Bod Program

Often times working out with a trainer is not possible due to cost, time restraints or even a lack of fitness professionals in your area. 


I felt that the best way for me to be able to help as many people as possible would be by creating an online program. Making professional exercise instruction accessible to anyone from anywhere.

While there are other programs that are already doing just that, I was sick of the other programs leading people astray. Many programs offer an unrealistic "quick-fix" approach which inevitably leads to training burnout, starvation, lower levels of self-confidence, disappointment and a decreased level of motivation.

At LYB we’re committed to helping women improve their physical fitness, mental health, and body confidence. Through our fun, creative, and unique online workouts, and community of strong like-minded women, we believe we can help empower you to become stronger on the inside and out. No matter what shape, size, age, sex, or color you are, you have the right to feel confident in your own skin.

LYB has over 400 unique high-quality online workouts + 50 On Demand Full-Length Workouts, that will provide you with over 12 months of fitness programs. You can choose to follow along with one of our 12-week programs, one of our 30-day challenges, or you can mix and match your favorite workouts. All workouts are mobile-optimized & easy to follow which include video demonstrations & exercise substitutions. Meal plans, recipes, and body love tools are all provided for no extra cost. 

Whether you're looking to just drop a few pounds, or need new workouts that you can do quickly from home, I've got you covered! LYB is for every BODY!



12-Weeks of Minimal Equipment 20 Minute Home Workouts

The NEW 90-Day FIT Bundle.png

On-Demand Workout Videos

In keeping with my goal of making fitness accessible to as many people as I can, I now offer over 50 Hours of On-Demand Full-Length Workout Videos. No Equipment required. Circuit Training, HIIT, Tabata & More!


Zoom Personal Training 

For many people, you may already know exactly how to eat healthily or exercise - however, it's the motivation to actually do it part that's standing in your way. Meeting with me through zoom can be helpful towards reaching your goals as it then becomes my job to keep you on the straight and narrow towards completing your weekly  goals. 

Online Program Design

If you're already familiar with a gym setting and just need help from a fitness professional to help spice up your workouts, I offer my services of program design as an online training service. We'll meet or have a quick phone chat about your specific needs and I'll design you a personalized fitness program. Nutritional guidance is included. 

Online Persnal Training & Program Design
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