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Do You Need 10k Steps Per Day? New Research Suggests 6-8K for Adults 60+ for Longevity.

Where did the 10K steps per day benchmark come from?

It actually stems from a marketing campaign of a Japanese pedometer in 1965!

New studies suggest that for optimal longevity, those over the age of 60 only need about 6000-8000 steps to reap the benefits.

Here I chat briefly with Sarah from City News about how to sneak in more steps per day!

Sneaky Ways to Get in More Steps Per Day:

1- Join rec sports

2- Get a dog

3- Always take the stairs

4- Park your car a 5-8 minute walk away from your workplace (This really does work!!)

5- Ditch the car entirely and commute by foot to some of your errands

6- Meet with a friend to walk with, or call a friend while you're walking

7- Do a walking at home YouTube video (BIG fan of these during lockdowns and over the winter months- totally beats walking on a treadmill)

8- Go walk some stairs (I'm a new fan of the Royal Glenora Stairs!)

9- Clean your house more. This sounds silly but my step count is always significantly higher on the days I clean.

10 - Go to the bathroom if the furthest bathroom away from you. Again - sounds silly but if you drink a lot of water (which you should!) this is effective!

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