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Group Training Services

A Personalized Group Fitness Experiance

Gather together a group of 5 friends or more and I will create you a private group training experience that will be structured towards your group's specific fitness levels and goals. I've held private group classes for bridal parties getting in shape for their wedding and hosted private corporate group classes for colleagues looking to get fit together. Whatever your group's goals are, I can come up with a specific and tailored approach in order to get you there faster. 

Be sure to check my calendar at the bottom for all of the available group fitness classes that I teach throughout the city of Edmonton. Bootcamps and learn to run clinics will run April - September.


Group Training Packages & Rates

Small-Group Fitness Training

$10-25 Per Class PP + GST

Private small group training classes are for groups of 5 or more people. Whether you're training together for a specific event, or just want a class tailored to your group's specific needs, I am able to cater to groups of 5-20 individuals. Sessions can be held indoors or outdoors and can be arranged as regular weekly sessions, or can be held as a one-time special event. All fitness levels are welcome.

Learn To Run Clinic

$20 Per Class PP + GST

Between June & September, I will hold learn-to-run clinics in the North Glenora area for people who want to learn how to run. We'll meet each week to do a group run and slowly progress with the intensity and duration of your runs. Each class will be a combination of walking and running. Running with a group is a fun way to meet new people, and get outside to enjoy the summer months.

Outdoor Boot Camp

$20 Per Class PP + GST

Between June and September, I will hold public outdoor boot camp classes in the North Glenora area of Edmonton. Boot camp classes are a fun way to get outside, train hard, and meet some new people. All camps will run for 6 weeks and meal plan guides will be included to ensure you have maximal results. All you will need to bring is a yoga mat and a pair of dumbbells.

Corporate Training Programs

$10-25 Per Class PP + GST

Team building is an important part of any business and sweating together is a great way to form bonds. We can arrange for weekly group classes at your location, or you can schedule singular sessions for staff meetings or conferences. Classes are for groups of 5 people or more and if you don't have an indoor space, classes can be held outdoors provided there is a park or track space close by.

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