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Learn To Run

North Glenora Learn To Run Clinics

Learn To Run Clinics

Between June - September I will periodically run Learn to Run Clinics in North Glenora. See the calendar below for upcoming scheduled classes. Meal plans are included. 5 person minimum required.

Edmonton Group Running

Learn to run clinics typically last between 6-12 weeks. You'll receive weekly training sessions and meal plan guides. See below for all group class events.

$20 PP + GST*Space is subject to availability

*Weather Dependant 

Learn To Run Area Map

I offer Learn to Run Clinics in North Glenora.

Runnig Club

Benefits of Run Clinics

Learning to run requires consistency and dedication. Often times novice runners give up quickly because they don't understand how to pace themselves, or how to build their endurance or distance. The learn to run program is designed for exactly that, and I'll be there to make sure we stay on pace. Running with a group will also help motivate you to keep running even when you're feeling like you want to give up. You'll receive constant personal support at each and every session and will likely meet some new friends and funning buddies that you can continue to run with once the clinic has commenced. 

Equipment Needed

Proper footwear is essential for new runners in order to support your foot and ankle and to provide the right cushioning to help absorb the impact from running on concrete. Make sure you invest in a good pair of running shoes before you begin.

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