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All payments are 100% non-refundable.



All appointments are 60 minutes in length and begin at the scheduled time. Appointments will not exceed the allotted time if you are late.



I have a strict 24-hour cancellation policy. Please allow a minimum of 24 hours’ notice if you need to change or cancel your appointment, or you will be charged 100% of the session fee. This is non-negotiable and I will not offer any exceptions to this policy. Giving me ample notice is courteous of my time, and gives me the opportunity to try to fill my schedule with other clients who may be waiting to get in. Regardless of whether you show up to your scheduled session, there has been time, money, and effort put forth which must be compensated. To cancel or reschedule, you can phone, email, or text. This policy is to prevent people from taking advantage of my time and compensates me for creating your programs, and rental fees associated with your booking. Please ensure you are certain of your session booking date and time before you book a time into my schedule.


No-shows will be charged 100% of the session fee. You will be sent an invoice for this same day and be expected to pay this before any other appointments can be booked. First-time no-shows will be given a warning that if it happens again, to book any future appointments you will be billed in advance a non-refundable pre-payment of your next session. If you cannot make it, please call, email, or text instead of just not showing up.


It will be agreed upon before training together if sessions are to be booked from week to week, or if there will be agreed-upon regularly set weekly days/times. If you opt for a regular slot, it implies a continuous commitment to that schedule until a two-week notice is provided to relinquish the slot. For those with irregular availability, a week-to-week booking is preferable. If you have a weekly spot in my schedule and become frequently unavailable, you will be asked to forfeit your time spot in my schedule and move towards week-by-week bookings. A reasonable normal percentage of missed sessions is around 10-20%. This accounts for unexpected circumstances while still maintaining a level of commitment to the scheduled training sessions. Frequent absences beyond this range could disrupt the training progress and fairness to other clients seeking regular slots.



If you are frequently booking sessions and then canceling and rescheduling your appointments frequently, going forward you will be asked to pay a non-refundable booking fee of $45. This is a deposit for your booking which is deducted from your training fee when you show up for your sessions. If you cancel or reschedule this appointment to another date and time, you will not be reimbursed this deposit and you will be charged this booking fee again for your new date and time. I cannot have times go unfilled as there are other people waiting. Please do not create dead space in my schedule.



If you cancel or constantly rearrange appointments, this will not work for me. I cannot hold a spot in my schedule for you if you are not coming on a regular basis and you will be asked to forfeit your spot permanently. Please do your best to stick to your agreed number of training sessions per week, on the agreed-upon time and dates. If you wish you to discontinue our sessions together, please provide me two weeks’ notice if possible so that I have enough time to fill the time spot.



I accept cash, cheques, and e-transfers only. You will be billed at the end of each month for all sessions used within that month. Payments must be made within 7 days of receiving your invoice.



1 - Please be sure to bring a clean and dry pair of shoes for your sessions to help keep the floors clean. 2 - Please wipe down your equipment and mats when you are finished using them.

3 - Please don't drop/slam the weights on the floor.

4 - Always be courteous and respectful of other members and staff.

5 - Try to avoid grunting/screaming or yelling while you are training.


Typically, participants will update their workouts every 4-8 weeks. This is both a personal preference and circumstantial. Please communicate via email a week in advance before you would like to begin your next program so that I have ample time to communicate with you, as well as time to create and upload your new programs.


As a valued client, your customized workout plans are available digitally for convenience and guidance. To maintain access to these digital workout archives beyond 60 days without engaging in training sessions or purchasing new programs, a nominal monthly fee of $25 plus tax will be introduced to ensure continuous service and support for your fitness journey.


The number of digital workouts provided each month depends on your chosen package. If you require additional workouts beyond the sessions we've completed, a $25 fee per extra digital workout will be applied. For instance, if we have one session in a month but you need a 5-day strength training plan, each unique workout beyond the first will incur this additional fee.

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