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Personal Training with Micaela at Evolve & Westmount Fitness


Personal Training: Monday-Friday at Westmount Fitness Only (7:30 AM- 11:00 AM)

Zoom Training Availability: Monday-Friday 2 PM (MST)

Gym Training 

If you're looking to hit the gym with me, I now train clients out of Evolve DT & The Westmount Fitness Club. Training with full equipment can really broaden the diversity of your training sessions and can help maximize your results. At Evolve or Westmount Fitness, we'll have access to a gym full of fitness equipment! Regular weekly sessions, a personalized training program, and nutritional guidance are all included.

* Personalized Nutrition Plans are Not Included in the cost of training. Personalized Eating Plans start at $150

Train with me 1 on 1 at Westmount Fitness. Program design, nutritional guidance, and weekly 60 minute sessions are included.

1-10 Session Package x 80/hr + GST
*Drop-in Fee Included

Train with me 1 on 1 at Evolve DT Edmonton. Program design, nutritional guidance, and weekly 60 minute sessions are included.

1-10 Session Package x 95/hr + GST
*Drop-in Fee Not Included

Train with a friend at The Westmount Fitness Club for no Extra Cost! Receive 2 for 1 Training!


Open 7:30 AM - 7:30 PM Monday - Friday 


Open 5:00 AM - 10:00 PM Monday - Friday 

Benefits of Gym Training

Having a gym full equipment at our disposal provides no limitations to our training sessions. You'll be able to train with heavy enough weights, and your workouts will be able to have more diversity. We'll be able to use things like squat racks, benches, battle ropes, sleds, pull-up bars, Bosu balls, kettlebells, sandbags, medicine balls, rowing machines, cables, machines, and more. 

While the gym can often be an intimidating experience for some, I will ensure that you feel comfortable and safe in the gym environment when you are with me. At each and every session I will be passing along my knowledge and while we build your physique we will also build your gym confidence. 

Where to Train

I currently personal train clients at the downtown Evolve & Westmount Fitness Only.

Gale, Ontario

Micaela is an exceptional personal trainer. She recognizes your capabilities better than you. She kept me motivated, encouraging me to try weights/routines that I would have thought to difficult to do. I highly recommend her as a trainer. 

Micaela, Edmonton

We all slip up sometimes, including ME the trainer. Falling off the wagon is bound to happen - That's normal, expect that. When you're ready to get back on, just give me 12 weeks and we'll get you back to where you were and then some!

Jessica, Montreal

Thanks to Mica I developed a joy of working out, and I was able to accomplish something that I was never able to accomplish before: making exercise a regular part of my life/discovering the true meaning of Beastmode!

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Edmonton, Alberta

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